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Reading the Feet Ebook & ePoster Combo

Reading the Feet Combo Special

Save $$$$$’s get the combo Reading the Feet Kit

Imagine a fun easy-to-do foot evaluation quiz that gives incite into the health and well being of another person! Imagine being able to get fast accurate results in just 10 minutes!

“Exceeded my expectations!!” “Amazed by the accuracy.” says AZ, Canada.

“Invaluable information that is clear and easy to use” comments NS, India

“Reading the Feet is rich with knowledge that makes it easier to do my job as a Reflexologist.” DC, USA

This 52 page eBook will change forever the way you look and evaluate feet. Take advantage of this special offer – combining the ebook “Reading the Feet” with the three pages of handy reference guides, map and questionnaire known as ” Foot Reading Quiz Charts“.

Buy the combo and SAVE $7 today!

Price: $47

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